Long story

Dear Fan Of Life Friends,

If I look at the world, I see things that are not working optimally. I see things that will harm the wellbeing of people, and all other life in the end. Many people I speak to, see that too. Then the question rises; what to do now? I do not have enough knowledge to make final decisions. I need scientist and other wise people to help me creating the best advice for everyone. I can not do this by myself.

Living, walking, breathing, eating… everything I do, affects others. I specially find the traffic a nice way to see how things are working. If I would stay on the left lane, driving 90 Km/h, people will overtake me at the right side. They look angry when they pass by, making gestures. Many drivers want to go faster than possible, and blame me for it. How do I feel? It’s always a two way story. When I obstruct the traffic, I do affect all drivers behind me. So if I make space, they can pass, and get stuck behind the next driver. But if I always let others go before me, I will never arrive in time. Finding the balance in this is the teaching. And also how do I handle it. Do I feel anger, am I sad that nobody gives me space?

Emotions and feelings are main things in life, driving us to action. If you feel angry, everybody know their own reaction. Sometimes we fight, sometime we flee, sometime we freeze. Emotions are connected to old experiences. And if we do not take any steps to change that, the same reactions will stay. There are many ways to learn about this, but the first step is to want to learn about it. For me this came first when I got stuck. My marriage stopped, my work was a disaster, financially things were bad, big loans, a heavy burden, and a house which needed maintenance badly. And I was so tired. My life needed a shift. The way I did arrange my life, was not working. I did many things to learn about myself. And I can tell you, there is a lot to learn if you are willing.

In many cases things are different then you want them to be. You have an idea how things should be. The situation is not like that, so I need to change something. My cousin said a phrase to me: 1) Accept it. If you cannot? 2) Change it. If you cannot? 3) Leave it. If you cannot? 4) Then you have a problem.

Step 4 is where more and more people are running into. Mental problems are a growing world issue.

I have always believed that I am operating from a core with good intentions. I never wanted to hurt anybody, or never wanted to be dishonest, or lie. I never wanted to be aggressive, but it still happened. I didn’t understand why. So the search for answers was started, and many things were so strange. So different from what I did learn as a child. What I learned as a child was truth for me. That was the way it should be. But I found out that others thought that too, and jet, we learned completely different things.

My acceptance came that many different truths were existing in the world. I can see that everybody has learned the basis of their lives of their parents, and all close relatives around that. Also experiences are part of the creation of your own truth. If you ate mussels who were not cooked correctly, and you got sick, you probably never eat mussels again.

The next question was; if there are so many truths, how can you work together towards something without war, fights, closing down feelings or without crying when you come home? In almost all relationships you can see these things. You want to try and convince the other that you are right. I know the truth, you have to believe me. If you let go the believe that you know the truth, things change. You own a part of the truth. Though, giving others space to own their own truth, is not easy for most people.

Being happy.

As I have written in the short story, when we are working in the outer world, we also need to work on the inner world. For me the core of life is living a good life, being happy, and contribute to let the world prosper the best way.

A big question is, when are you happy, satisfied? Some people sit and meditate for days and are happy, doing “nothing”, eating nothing, not buying a car, or making a painting.

It’s a good practice, and being able to feel this silence inside oneself is a very big step. If everybody would do this the world would be very different, but at some point we get hungry. We need potatoes, rise, vegetables. But everybody is meditating, who will harvest the crops? So in practical sense we need to combine working with meditation.

When are you satisfied? If you have no food, you are satisfied when you have food. If you have no house, you are satisfied when you have a house. If you have a small car, you want a bigger car. If you are not healthy you want better health. There is always something to improve in your life. But do you think that a brand new villa will make you more happy? Or do you think the last 15 Ferrari’s will make you more happy then the first 15? Getting happiness from the outside is a never ending story, but for inner happiness you do not need anything else then you. And of course you need to know how.

Fan of life can assist in this.

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Outer world

As I said, many things can be improved in the world. Fan of life has many ideas around this, and in the future we can connect many dots. This sections will evolve over the next coming time. The primary things we will start up as soon as possible is an advisory board. Scientists, wise people, visionaries, on all layers of knowledge will be connected together to create the best advise possible, using the holistic approach.

I have a lot of questions. If you don’t have the right answers, it’s not possible to make the right decisions.

A lot of information is available using the internet. As the world is organized right now, one source informs you one way, and another source leads to another way. A third party is telling another story, so what to believe?  What is true in this big pile of information? How do you determine your truth?

In many cases information has distortions.

  • The information is mend to make you buy a certain object.
  • Interpretations of the data is bend because of the interests of the writer/researcher.
  • Information is written in a way that the right interpretation is not very obvious.
  • Pure information? What is that? Does it exist?

There is a thin line between knowing and believing. It’s all about how the experience enters your system, and how it is processed. It’s very personal how your information is processed inside. Experiences have been stored in the brain and in the body, and every time something similar occurs, the same opinions, feelings and emotions will be triggered as happened during the stored experiences. Sometime when you watch a movie, and you see somebody cut himself, you can feel it in your body. You see it, and the body creates the pain. This is the same with information. It’s very easy to keep the old believe system in charge. Drawing the same conclusions, staying in the same truth. But what if I say that the spectrum is much wider then only this way? Personal development can change so much in how things are processed inside.

Information delivered by science, appears to be true. But even the possibilities in science are developing. New measuring devices are invented, and immediately the conclusions of an investigation can change. If you weigh a bucket with 10 liters of water, this is +/- 10kg. plus the weight of the bucket. If you take this bucket to the moon, the result will be different. So results change if you change where you are, and also when time passes by.

It seems like information is depending on who wrote the conclusion. And that can mean that many truths are possible, or that the truth in information is depending on the capability of the writer to draw conclusions. Yet, in many cases this is distorted. What does the researcher or writer want to tell us? Why did he/she do the research? Who ordered the research?

To develop a data source which is as pure as can be, the board of advisory will create solutions for problems we are facing. It is a cooperation between all the fields.

For example:

Topic:    Cancer

Goal:     What is the best way forward ( with the possibilities we have now) to treat cancer, cure cancer, or to minimize the chance of having cancer in the future?

Groups involved:

  • Healthcare
  • Environment
  • Money
  • Education
  • Spiritual knowledge
  • Leadership

All these groups will discuss the possibilities, pro’s and contra’s to come up with the best advice for the world.


There are many ways to raise your awareness.

Becoming aware of standard decisions, patterns, ways, reactions make a huge difference. In a life there are so many things which happen without a thought, without awareness. Then there is no choice.  If you are aware that in every situation you have a choice, it makes you response-able.

An Important part of self-development is body awareness. Being able to feel in your body at all times. Trauma, or bad memories are not only stored in the brain, but also in the body. That is one of the reasons that we keep reacting to certain things the same way, without knowing why. Fear, anger, sorrow, and mixes of those feelings can close down the body by blocking emotions, or energy flow. If you stay in this fear, there is a chance of getting sick, physically or mentally.

For personal sessions everything is ready, and presentations and lectures can be given. For more information or making an appointment, send an e-mail to I.am@fanoflife.org. Workshops and group sessions will be announced later.

  • Advise about personal development.
    • Showing different ways how development of you, as an autonomous human being, can happen. So many different people need so many different schools. How to choose the right school? This can be done individually, or in groups. Information will be given about the process, possibilities, en what you can gain from it.
  • Personal Sessions for personal growth.
    • Different teachers can reflect behaviour. After an intake a teacher is recommended from the group of the best and purest teachers found by us. This is an individual session.
  • Workshops about the innerworld of a human being.
    • Humans are the most complex, most sophisticated lifeforms on this planet. Have you red the user manual? The workshop will guide you through a wide range of chapters of the user manual of the human system. This workshop contains practises, theory and sharing experiences and knowledge.
  • Presentation: The body seen from a technical perspective.
    • Using his technical analytic knowledge, Marco Tadema will explain the human body to get insight of how the system works. Also using different methods to let the audience experience how the body reacts, how the mind has judgement and why things might be different then you think.
Tekstvak: Our biggest joy comes when people open up, and realize their own potency and possibilities


Last week I was on the beach. The weather was cold and windy, but still there were quite some people at the beach. A bit later I saw a child, al little girl perhaps 3 years old, with her mother, and a dog. They were playing with a ball. With high speed the dog chased the ball bouncing around, and the little girl, picked up the ball, and most of the time she threw it in the water of the see. At a distance I watched it, observed it. It made me happy to see the liberty of this little girl. There was no obstruction, no conditioning, just freedom. And the mother did a great job. She let her do her own thing, and protected her softly where needed. Also when I saw the mother tell her daughter that it was time to go home, the little girl was free to react in her own way. She expressed her desire to stay, in an angry sort of way. She was happy there on the beach, and did not want to go home. Beautiful. At some point time was up, and the mother started to leave, slowly, and reluctantly the girl followed her mother.

As I wrote above, we are shaped by our life. What parents bring us, is most important for what life will look like for the child. Again, if you are aware of what you are teaching, then you know how the children will act later. If you are unaware of your inner world, the children do get mixed up or contradictory information. If you, as a parent, are working to raise your awareness, raising you child will change. If you never show a child what war looks like, they cannot make war. In life war will come towards the child, the way things are now, but imagine that no one knew what war looked like, what do you think the world would look like? This is also connected to truth. Can we support the children to find their own truth? How?

Education is an important part of changing things in the future. Education at home, on the street, and also in schools. At what age are children able to choose what they want to do with their lives? How can we help them to make choices? How can we create opportunities for them, and space to develop their own personal leadership, with their own path, goals, and drive. If we teach children that meditation is a good thing, instead of something spiriwiri, an extra tool is given for life.

Computers, smartphones, tablets, laptops, are a blessing and a curse, as most things are. They give so much possibilities, and also some downgrades. How can we show them that they have a choice between living in the cloud, and having dirty hands. Both are beneficial, if there is a balance.

There is a lot to say bout raising children. And about how they reflect your own behaviour back to you as mirror. About ego and egoless raising, what is possible? Fan of life can bring a new perspective to raising children, to assist them having a brighter future.

Tekstvak: If you are aware of your good intention to raise your child, it is impossible to make mistakes, but also impossible to do it right. And the other way around.