To create and maintain the best possible base for the organisation we need funds. Please look in your pocket, and look what you can donate without having the feeling that this donation will effect your life in a negative way.

  • If 1 person donates € 10.000,00 every month, that is a big amount, and it can have a big effect in this person’s life.
  • If 10 People donate € 1.000,00 every month, that is still a big amount, and it can have a big effect in these person’s lives.
  • If 1000 People donate € 10,00 every month,  the effect is smaller, but still food for a couple of day can be bought with this.
  • If 10.000 People donate € 1,00 every month, it can be done by a lot of people.

If we carry it together it will not be difficult. We will never push to donate, we will never do fixed contracts, or force you in any way. Please do donate if you feel you need a place where you can get the purest answers, to questions you don’t know where to ask them. And to support a group of people who will do everything to create positive changes which are so needed for the future. To create a save place, where people can be free, learn about freedom and learn how to take care of themselves and others. Where you can get support for your health and learn on the deepest levels of life.

Donations to:

Bank Acc.:          NL67 TRIO 0379 2250 85

Name:                 M. Tadema – Fan of life

If you give us the possibility to stay in touch, we will send you information about actions, progress and events that we will organize. To register and become a member please send an E-mail with your contact information to:

Your donation is very much appreciated.

Thank You!