Fan Of life application

Fan of life is a non-profit organisation who wants to co create something beautiful, without judging old systems. We do not want to harm any person, animal, or any vegetation on the planet, but bring freedom, health and growth. While we create clarity, we need to stay free in our thoughts, believes, and goals. Also as time goes by, the evolution may bring the need to adapt and review old information. The new way of living is this world has not been developed to the fullest. We are in an evolving place. Nothing stays as it is. It is just searching for the best way forward, not because of money, but because of the wellbeing of our planet en all life living here.

The best way of stepping into this, is to care for yourself, and for all others like yourself. Don’t do anything that will harm others. Perhaps we need to learn something about this?

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for people who have knowledge. This means Scientific knowledge, but also life experience, wisdom, and knowledge about the human/world systems people who can assist during events. Also people with opinions, and ideas are welcome. One thing which is very important is that, what we will bring only be a part of the puzzle. People driven by ego are welcome to learn, but they will feel resistance. The goal is to find the best way forward, for the wellbeing of all.

We look for wise people in the field of:

  1. Cooperative leadership (Egoless)
  2. Education, old and new systems, science, personal growth
  3. Environment, all life, all commons
  4. Healthcare, scientific based and alternative, body and mind
  5. Spiritual knowledge, yoga, meditation, others
  6. Safety, defence
  7. People and interaction, communication, face to face, web, other
  8. Money, new exchange possibilities, payment
  9. Emotional Expression, Art, Music, Dance, others

We also look for people who want to help with daily action, assistance during events, en also leaders who can organize and plan events. At this point no events have been planned, but is you are interested to help, please let us know. We will inform you when events are coming up.

Are you interested?

If you want to donate you knowledge and/or time and/or actions to Fan Of Life, please send an application letter with your competence, possibilities and wishes. We will select people for the first project. As things grow, we need more help. All Applications stay in our database, and we might come back later. The first project will be in Holland and/or Norway, after that we will also create possibilities for other countries using the same basis.

Please send an e-mail to and show yourself to us.

There is so much competence in the world, let’s use this to step up and create a trustworthy and peaceful community.

With warm respect and appreciation,

Marco Tadema