Fan Of life

For a long time I have been looking for an organization, where I could help to create a better world. I found many organisations doing the best work, trying to help the transformation in all kinds of topics. Homeless children, Animal Health, volunteers to help the elderly, people who try to raise awareness about the importance of trees, and many, many more.

I could not find any organisation who wants to connect all, and look at it by an holistic approach. Everything is connected with everything. The only way to change things on a bigger scale, is to work together. So many people feel that a change is needed, but to grasp the full width of it, is very big.

Important is though, that everyone working on change in the outer world, is working on the inner world too. How do you handle things coming towards you? I feel that most people are living their life with a good intention. Learning how to serve, without being distracted by ego, or old pain is a challenge. Schools bring beautiful scientific knowledge. The way you apply this knowledge is about you…

So please ask yourself: “Our world need help, what can I do?”